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Services held every Sunday morning at 9:30am

We are a christian community located in Erina on New South Wales’ Central Coast.
We welcome people from all walks of life and invite you to join us for our regular Sunday services at 9:30am each week
During our Sunday morning service we have a crèche for kids up to age 3, then Cooee for kids up to school age and finally Oasis for primary school kids.

You can also join us in any of our home groups or childrens, youth and adult fellowship groups.
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From The Pastor – September 2015

I love being a Dad. There are few things I want to get out of life more than raising great kids. In the very next breathe, I will also say that being a Dad is one of the toughest and most demanding roles in my life. If I’m to succeed in my goal of being a loving and involved parent, then it’s going to require loads of selflessness and growth on my part, which is no meagre task.

As much as I love Brendan and Andrew, ultimately, I recognise that my love has limits and will at times come up short. I will make mistakes and at times let them down. If I’m to be honest, I need all the help I can get to be a good Dad. I have a heart that is constantly wanting to pursue my own personal interests and pursuits. I observe a real difference here with Bron and mothers in general. A mothers heart seems hard wired to turn towards her children. I feel I have to make a more concerted effort to lead my heart to place my boys needs ahead of my own.

As a father, I draw immeasurable strength from my Heavenly Father. I am eternally grateful that in God I have the perfect model for Fatherhood. Quite frankly, it scares me to think that I have been bestowed with a title that God claimed for himself, Father. In spite of the enormous task of being a Dad, I somehow feel encouraged and strengthened that God saw me fit to be the Father of Brendan, Andrew and….

Dad, if you are reading this, then the exact same can be said about you. At times you may feel inadequate and ill equipped to be your child’s father. Firstly, let me assure you that you’re not alone in these feelings. Secondly, in your Heavenly Father you have access to the perfect source of strength, love and compassion to be the father your children deserve and deep down you long to be.

Have a great Father’s day!

Pastor Joel

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